Quick to the Call (11th World Jamboree Song)

Quick to the call “Be Prepard”,

Come the Scouts today,

You’ll find wherever the need,

They are there.

They lend a strong helping hand,

While they sing a song,

And bring a bright smile to help things along,

They come from homes far away,

With a will to fight,

Though not for lands or for gain,

But for Right.

And then united as one,

To aim high for good,

And to scout wide for world brotherhood.


Jamboree, Jamboree, all the scouts are singing,

Hear their joyous song,

Jamboree, Jamboree, all the scouts are gath’ring

Now at Marathon.

JJamboree, Jamboree, bright the sky above us,

As we march along,

Jamboree, Jamboree, blue the sea before us

Here at Marathon.


When at the end of the day,

We have worked and played,

And while we think of the friends,

We have made,

We all shall sit side by side,

In the peaceful night,

And we shall sing by the campfire light.

We all shall sing of the days,

And joys we shared.

Then just before we go over the sea,

Once more we’ll say,

“Yia hara, Yia hara, har,”

Until we meet at the next Jamboree.